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Books, Tablets, and Hypocrisy

I have been asked many times if I will make my books available digitally. I have thought about it but I don't think that reading Bonkers The Bear on a tablet would have the same effect as holding the illustrations in your hand and being able to flip through the pages.

I think that having a tangible book for children is one of the most important learning tools you can give them no matter the contents that are inside those pages. Seeing a child flip through my book and seeing how they react to images then go to the words on the other page creates an important understanding of the words and images together. A tablet doesn't have that effect.

Now I know I'm being a hypocrite. You most likely came across this post on Facebook that linked you here, all of which you are doing on your tablet. But the point of this is to say that Bonkers The Bear will always be printed on paper. Now I'm not saying that there isn't some sort of digital form that Bonkers The Bear and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich can be viewed on in the future, but for now you will just have to get your paperback copy of Bonkers The Bear right here on by clicking on the Book Store tab.

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